You can become a certified Real Estate Agent in Jamaica in three steps. The first step in doing so is to attend an educational course on Real Estate. The University of Technology, Jamaica offers a Real Estate Salesman course #100H.

This course is great for persons intending to do real estate in Jamaica. Apart from passing the course requirements, there are also background checks that would be conducted before admittance. To be finally approved as a Sales Agent, you would be interviewed by the Jamaican Real Estate Board who will then certify you as a Sales Agent.

Step 1: Salesman’s course #100H

The Real Estate Salesman’s course #100H is offered by the Faculty of built Environment of the University of Technology, Jamaica. The course duration is four weeks for full time students.
The course offers education necessary for training as an efficient agent in the local market. The course is an intense training on how to handle or conduct transactions for Jamaica properties whether for sales, rentals, leases or mortgages. 


After the passing through the educational training, the second stage is to run background checks to see if there are any skeletons in the person’s cupboard.

This is crucial because as a real estate agent, you would be involved in transaction with huge monetary implications.

By nature, man can be dishonest when entrusted with such huge responsibility.

It is therefore needed to test and see that the agent is a trustworthy person. Background checks are done on each applicant for license approval to prevent issues of fraud. One of these checks is a police report.

Step 3: Interview With The Board.

This is the third and final step which comes after your passing of the exams and the necessary background checks.

At this stage, you submit you educational documents as well as reports from your background checks to the Board.

You submit these documents and attend an interview with a staff of the Real Estate Board.

If you pass the interview, the officer of the board would approve your application. With the approval, you are now set to become a sales agent in Jamaica.

Start Selling.

Voila! You are now armed with everything necessary to play in the real estate business, carve a niche for yourself and learn the ropes towards attaining mastery! However, note that after you have passed the exams and the checks, you will in most cases be registered.

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