How to Create WhatsApp Account - Beginner's Guide

The leading instant messaging company Whatsapp have been encountering a rising pressure over the series of fake messages which are going viral over its platform. The platform was designed as a messaging service for peer to peer or small group interactions but recently its features are being misused on a whole other level. India is one of the largest markets of the company having a user count of more than 200 million. A majority of users are utilizing the platform not only as a messaging service but also as a tool to receive a stream of videos, memes, and stories. This content is recently being shared adulterated with fake information which is causing a menacing effect across the country.

A series of mob-lynching incidents have been witnessed in recent times. One such incident was witnessed in the northeastern Assam state, 2 men were beaten to death when they stopped to ask for directions towards a picnic spot. A video was circulated among the villagers that a child kidnapper group was roaming in those regions. The villagers misinterpreted the strangers as the kidnappers they were warned about and without getting into details the mob beat them to death. Such fake news has resulted in more than 2 dozen deaths in the past few months.

The company is trying to figure out more technological solutions in order to check over the fake news spread over the platform. Few of the measures taken by the company in the recent months are listed as follows:-

Whatsapp is facing much more trouble than other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube in dealing with the viral fake news spread. The company has recently launched a program through which they are trying to coordinate with the academic experts to understand how the platform is being used to spread misinformation. They believe through this research they can work upon the updates and can provide its users easy ways to spot the false news.

In India, the spread of fake news is becoming a very critical issue. The number of incidents is increasing day by day throughout the country. The popularity of the application makes the company accountable for these issues. The measures taken by the company are proving to be insufficient to tackle the problem. However, the company is figuring out more technological changes it can provide to its application to make the information spread more secure, accurate and authentic.


The rationale for easy accessibility to information has led to an increase in the spread of mobile phones in medical institutions. Information is so crucial in medical institutions because often, it is the difference between life and death. Hence, the significance of information is not just a money issue.

Mobile devices have transformed hospital practice and have created huge impact on health care delivery. Additionally, the mobility has provided security and efficiency in exchange of clinical data in health centers to the benefit of both the health care institutions and the patients. Doctors can be able to monitor numerous aspects of the patient’s health situation through mobile apps. In fact, through some apps, doctors can better diagnose the condition of the patient as necessary and get quicker results.

In this way, it is safe to conclude that these devices play crucial roles in moving the medical industry to the next level. In delivering quality health care services, improving workflow, bettering doctor-patient relations, minimizing complexity and cost of rendering medical services, mobile apps have greatly aided health care delivery.

There is no denying that these mobile apps have become both important and necessary to medical practice. In a way, mobile applications can be said to be pivotal in helping to birth a revolution in the health field. One of the significant benefits of mobile health apps is that it aid best treatment with optimum care.


This is so because the apps provide the best possible health care with optimal treatment from wherever location and at whatever time.

With mobile apps, patient care can be undertaken with greater mobility and quality. apps is that they help in providing proactive response to patient’s condition.

With mobile phone apps, health care professionals can more easily monitor their patients and respond proactively to health conditions before they become more chronic.

Additionally, health care professionals can more easily keep track of the records of their patients, update care plans and maintain cooperation and communication.

Thirdly, mobile health apps are significantly beneficial because they help reduce complexity of medical practice. With these apps, health practitioners can easily store patient health information more transparently.

Physicians, for example, can easily retrieve the history of the patient when needed and help them take make quick health decisions. Fourthly, medical health apps can benefit health practice in easing the difficulties and challenges of appointment scheduling.

The health care practitioners can also better organize their time, be more accessible and can be notified when a patient books or cancels an appointment. A fifth significant benefit of mobile apps is business promotion. Mobile health apps can increase the branding of the health care outfit.

With these apps, the health practitioner can better approach maximum customers in variety of ways. The business can also send push notifications, navigate customers to the business and provide access to information whether e-mails, phone numbers, website, physical address and lots more.

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